Key Person Insurance


Some Of The Benefits Of Key Person Cover

Key Person Cover allows you to protect your business from the financial impact of losing a key employee (including owners / managers), whose death or illness would have a significant impact on the financial position of the business.

It can be arranged to provide either a regular income if the key person is unable to work because of an illness or injury, or a lump sum if they die or are diagnosed with a critical illness.

Some Guidance


Business loan protection

You have the option to protect your business by having a plan in place to help repay any loans in the event of the loss of a key person.

Business value protection

By protecting your loans and your profit, you're protecting the overall value of your business. 

Profit protection

You also have the option to protect a loss in profits or the cost of having to replace an important employee whose long term absence could damage a business in a number of ways.